BBQs 2U – Kamado Joe Connected Joe – A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Forget the days of jiggling with charcoal and battling uneven temperatures. Kamado Joe has introduced the Konnected Joe ceramic grill.

It is available at BBQs 2U, the premier barbeque and grill destination. It is a grill that blends tradition and innovation seamlessly. It transforms your backyard into a gourmet haven.

Precision & performance

The Kamado Joe Konnected Joe has a sleek design. With a hi-tech control panel, you get the power to grill perfectly at your fingertips.

The guessing game of temperature control has vanished. You can monitor and adjust internal temperature remotely through the in-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity and Kamado Joe app.

This ensures flawless results all the time. Whether you are searing steaks or slow-smoking ribs, the Konnected Joe delivers consistent precision. It instils confidence to handle any recipe with ease.

Locks flavours

Konnected Joe is not just an innovation but releases the full potential of traditional charcoal grilling. The ceramic shell has a heat-resistant thick wall, which locks in moisture and flavour.

Simultaneously, the advanced draft system ensures that heat distribution is evenly across the cooking surface. Heat retention helps reduce fuel consumption and maintain even temperatures throughout cooking.

You get succulent, juicy meats, perfectly charred veggies, and matchless flavours that cannot be imitated with gas grills.

Compelling features          

  • Ceramic and stainless steel materials are durable. It is famous for its resistance to rust and corrosion.
  • Precision seal ensures minimal airflow leakage as it retains heat and smoke, allowing for precise temperature control and flavorful results.
  • The divide-and-conquer cooking system creates distinct temperature zones inside the grill. So, it adds convenience and versatility to your cooking style.
  • It has intelligent features like built-in automatic firestarters that remove the need for lighter fluid. Grilling has become more convenient and eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean ash drawer makes cleaning after cooking simple. Remove the tray and dispose of generated ashes.
  • You can buy a protective cover to shield the grill from elements when not in use. The cover adds an extra protection layer and prolongs the grill’s lifespan.

Kamado Joe Connected Joe is your culinary ally that will enhance your outdoor cooking endeavours. The grill’s ability to maintain consistent temperatures in cold weather, a significant advantage in the UK climate, must not be overlooked.

The Konnected Joe is an investment in your outdoor cooking future. For optimal performance every time ensure to clean the cooking grates, heat deflectors, and ash drawers with warm soapy water and dry it. Ensure to store it properly.

Why buy from BBQs 2U?

BBQs 2U is a leading supplier of Kamado Joe Konnected Joe. Customers get expertise and support that can help you maximize your Konnected Joe experience.

From expert assembly and setup to comprehensive aftersales support, their team is dedicated to helping you master ceramic grilling art.

Visit the store and choose your KJ Konnected Joe Experience Pack. From the basic Elements pack to the seasoned Voyager pack, you can enjoy the blend of automatic cooking to traditional flavour experience.