How to get clients as a contractor and keep them happy

Today’s top contractors aren’t satisfied with just getting the job finished. Contractors must meet their bottom-line goals of on-time, on-budget and successful projects and engage with clients to build relationships and ensure client happiness. Contractors understand that a positive work culture, combining real-time communication with excellent execution, breeds happy customers.

Five critical strategies for contractors to build relationships and get clients.

  1. Delivering on-time and within-budget projects consistently

Successful contractors can achieve project goals in terms of budget and timeline. A baseline goal should be consistently providing a high level of value for clients by meeting these baseline objectives. Every project in construction is unique and has its challenges. Contractors can simplify processes by implementing cutting-edge technologies to improve productivity, mitigate risks, reduce mistakes and boost collaboration.

The best chance for success is a project team that works efficiently in the field, communicates with the back office seamlessly and collaborates throughout the organisation. Construction management platforms that are cloud-based, mobile apps, and business intelligence tools help contractors work more effectively and intelligently. And by fostering a collaborative environment–complete with real-world, real-time insight and detailed analytics, these technologies provide–clients feel more comfortable knowing their projects are in the hands of solid contractors.

Leading contractors also embrace technologies, including pre-fabrication and drones, to speed up efficiency. Technology-driven companies are better able to meet time and budget demands.

  1. Create a Truly Collaborative Environment

Contractors should strive to achieve collaboration and break down departmental silos within their company. What about cooperation outside the walls of your company? Modern contractors are equipped with the tools to allow everyone to collaborate on a project in real-time, share information quickly, and automate workflows and communication. This level of collaboration helps contractors build relationships with clients.

Cloud-based technologies such as Viewpoint Team provide a platform for construction collaboration that allows your organisation to work with your extended team, including subcontractors and suppliers, architects, and owners, in one software solution. Real-time updates of all aspects of a project provide more information to everyone involved to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. The transparency of the software and the ability to communicate directly with others allows clients to feel included and involved.

  1. Impress with Positivity

Contractors invest regularly in the training of their employees to ensure that they are up-to-date on technology, safety and skills. It is also essential to teach employees how to be professional and responsive. Even small things like a pleasant worker can greatly impact clients. The clients prefer to avoid negativity from project managers and team members. They prefer dealing with people who are quick to respond to information requests.

Contractors’ project teams must excel, creating positive and timely interactions at all communication opportunities. Although human attitudes and responsiveness are taught, if technology and software make it difficult to receive timely information, this can lead to frustration among project teams and their clients. Cloud-based software can be a great solution, as it allows for real-time data access and in some cases, team members can self-serve information requests. Cloud-based software makes it easy for project managers to create quality reports without spending much time on tasks.

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  1. Avoid Negative Incidents

Public perception is essential to every client. Public opinion can be negatively affected by accidents, fines, or conflicts that occur during the construction of their projects. It is easier to avoid these risks when you have a solid strategy.

Again, a modern cloud-based construction software that includes construction-specific functionality for compliance and document management, and safety management helps supplement sound strategies by streamlining the processes around them. These solutions, for example, can offer real-time briefings on safety, instantaneous safety updates, simple ways to facilitate safety training, and reports on demand to ensure that the correct safety practices on job sites are always followed. This level of relevant, easily accessible information can reduce severe injuries on the job site, prevent conflict between contractors and subcontractors, and ensure that project teams comply with legal, union and contractual rules and regulations.

  1. Keep it Simple and Visual

How do contractors get clients? The best way to get clients is by providing them with what they need. Clients only need or want a little information. Visualise your communications with graphs, dashboards and essential project updates. These simple solutions allow clients to understand the progress of a project without overwhelming them with information that could lead to confusion. Dashboards and simple reports are a myth that hides the truth. Modern construction software allows users to drill down into the detailed data in dashboards and reports.

Modern software also provides increasingly powerful business intelligence and data analytics capabilities. This allows users to analyse large amounts of data in any format to make smarter decisions. These analytical tools allow for more comprehensive reports that are easier to understand.

These five approaches to client satisfaction all show how technology plays a more significant role in the success of each.