How to calculate Kalyan Jodi tricks

The famous Indian betting game, Satta Matka, is where you might find various opportunities to profit if you know your numbers. Understanding how to play the bet in your favor might be tricky. Hence we bring you this article that will answer all your questions, especially how to calculate the Kalyan Jodi matka guessing tricks.

How to Pick Numbers?

First Set: You can pick up to 3 numbers, ranging from 0-9. If you choose, say 6,5,3, these numbers will be your first pick at random. The selected numbers are then added up to give you a final number, which in our case, will be 14. And, if you decide to play with only one digit from the given number, you will get to select the last number, which is 4 here. So, your first draw will be 5,3, 6, and 4.

Second Set: Players can also draw a second set the same way. For example, you picked 7, 9, and 2. Then by adding these numbers, we would get 18. Then your numbers will be 7, 9, 2, and 8. On your final card, your numbers will be 5,3,6,4 and 7,9,2,8.

Few Tricks to Calculate Kalyan Jodi

Here, we will explore a few tricks of Kalyan Jodi of Satta Matka or Matka Satta.

  • If a week opens with a number starting with 7, it is usually followed by a number beginning with 3 in the following week’s opening. You can see a pattern here. When the week opens with numbers starting with 7, 8, or 9, the following number is always a number beginning with 3 for the next week.

To explain it better, On 7th August (Monday), it opens with a number starting with either 7, 8, or 9. Let’s take 78, 92, and 85 as examples. The following Monday, 14th August, the opening number will start with the digit 3. It could vary from the number 30 to 39.

  • When a week opens with a number with a 7, 8, or 9 and the following week begins with a number with a 3, the closing number for the first week will likely end with 1.

For example, let’s say the first week’s market opens with either 78, 92, or 85, and the second week’s market opens with 32, 53, or 23. Then it is likely that the first week’s market will close with the number ending in 1, like 11, 71, or 01.

  • Also, whenever the market closes with a number ending 1, the third market closes with the number 6. Let’s take the number 61 for the closing market of Week 3, then the closing market of Week 6 is highly likely to close with the number ending with 6, like 66, 86, 16, etc.


The above tricks will help you understand how satta matta matka or Satta Matka works. This game can be confusing for beginners. Hence we tried to clear the cloud of confusion. Apply these calculations to the following table to secure your win and level of your guessing skills.

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