Light Versus Dark Interiors: Which Option Is Better?

Are you a person who prefers the classy nature of the dark-colored seats, or do you like the pristine and clean look of light-colored interiors? Here are a few benefits and pitfalls of each of them. Whether you go for light or dark interior, it is your choice. However, knowing the benefits and pitfalls of each can help you make a better decision.

Light-Colored Interiors

If you are a fan of silver car seat covers or other mild colors, your car will look more spacious and open in the interior. Light interiors provide a clean and premium look to the car’s interior. Often when people refer to light colors, they usually mean beige, white, or any other color lighter than grey.

If you get a light-colored car seat cover installed, here is what you should expect.

Amazing Factors of Light Interiors

  • Light interiors or white seat covers for cars make the car’s cabin appear more spacious and open. They look perfect in a high-end SUV or sports car.
  • When you opt for light colors, the insides will get least heated because the white reflects all light wavelengths. This allows you to experience cooler temperatures on the inside during the summer months.

What Is Not So Great About Light-Colored Interiors

  • Even though the seats may seem more relaxed in the summer months, they attract a lot of dirt.
  • If your home has young children, cats, or dogs, a light-colored seat is not a favorable option. Dirty paws, dirty hands, or dirty fingers can make it a nightmare to work with light interiors.
  • If you are a fast-food lover, you should not opt for white. Imagine having a BLOB of ketchup on the white seat cover of your car.
  • Depending on your car, its model, and make, lighter interiors may be considered a part of the premium option. Thus, you may have to pay more to opt for white or similar colors.

Dark interiors

Dark Interiors Have Their Advantages, But It Is Not All Perfect.

  • Advantages of opting for dark interiors
  • Dark interiors are much easier to clean.
  • They offer the car a sporty and more athletic vibe.
  • Dark interiors can complement any exterior paint color. You can have a white-colored car with a black interior, but having a white car with a white interior may look slightly odd. Black on black combination also looks excellent regardless of which model you make of your vehicle.

What Is Not So Great About the Dark Interiors?

  • Expect more heat if you opt for black or dark-colored seat covers. They will absorb more heat since black absorbs all wavelengths of light.
  • Dark interiors, precisely certain gray shades, can make the interior appear gloomy and dull.
  • It does not matter which type of interior you go for, whether light or dark. Your responsibility is to keep your car seats clean so that the resale value of your car can stay high.