Redfinger | A Guide for the Novice on Last Claudia

In Last Claudia, a RPG mobile game of the Japanese-style adventure battle genre, gamers must fight off monsters. They have the ability to pick out their favored character and make use of a variety of sacred objects in order to overcome the monsters and rescue the land.

Gaining a higher level in Last Claudia can be achieved by following a few steps.

To fight against monsters, players must level up. Last Claudia, an idle game, optimizes experience points. As of now, the only way to gain experience is to complete stages. Some participants idle for 4 to 5 hours a day, whereas others remain idle for more than 12 hours, leading to a discrepancy in the amount of experience gained. Moreover, players can use diamonds acquired in the game to buy nurturing gift boxes that have experience potions that will help increase experience.

At the start of the game, Last Claudia allows players to reset their game an unlimited number of times over a span of ten draws. This yields a new setup of sacred items for each gamer, which subsequently influences their capability to grind.

For Last Claudia, a strategy for the Box Pushing Puzzle Mode is outlined below.

The box pushing puzzle mode requires players to strategically move wooden boxes from their current position to a designated area while staying within the spatial restrictions. It is not possible to pull the boxes, thus players must be cognizant of the available paths and arrange the boxes in the right order to succeed. This game mode is separated into EASY and HARD and players will be graded on the time and steps taken at the end of each round, with stars being given out depending on the performance. If the boxes become stuck or a character is unable to move due to being trapped in between them, the game will be lost. Initially, each box-pushing puzzle only consists of one box, however, as the game progresses up to eight boxes could be present, necessitating a thorough knowledge of the terrain for passage.

In Last Claudia, what steps are necessary to draw characters?

At the start of the game, players are given the chance to reset their ten draws an unlimited amount of times, ensuring they can get characters and gameplay styles they prefer. While SSR characters may be obtainable at the beginning, it is suggested that they pick characters from the protagonist team during their first playthrough. Doing this will give them a better grasp of the game when they replay it and choose characters they like. Data from the Taiwan server reveals the most wanted SSR character is the princess who comes with an SSR flying ship. Robin is the second most desired SSR character because of her ability to equip any type of equipment. She is highly adored by many gamers and can be regarded as the top-tier when it comes to getting materials.

Sacred objects are more significant than characters, as the latter can be substituted while the former cannot. Generally speaking, the characters that are awarded to players as they progress through the main plot are more powerful and playable than most of the characters in the gacha pool. Moreover, it is not simple to overcome the characters that are given in the main story.

A visual representation of the game Last Cloudia is presented here.

The Last Claudia features a range of automated skill settings, allowing users to experience a more efficient performance.

For full automation, players can use all of their offensive abilities. Semi-auto mode restricts users to only regular attacks, and they need to manually activate skills. To enable auto mode, players need to purchase an “auto driver” and configure it in the settings. Although auto mode is convenient, those new to the game should not use it. We suggest that experienced gamers adjust the settings to auto, semi-auto, or manual mode to suit their preferences after they have become more accustomed to the game.

Were you able to take advantage of this guide? There are various components of Last Claudia, including the ability to address assignments and the way to farm materials. People who are interested can download the Redfinger Android emulator here to gain access to additional content.