Tips To Build A Basement Under An Existing House

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To build a basement under the house or avoid it is a total preference and need-based decision. The first thing anybody might think about before constructing a basement is to reach a final decision about whether to construct it or not. People are quite often aware of the reality that building a basement below an already-built house is a critical task. Therefore, usually people who want a basement try to buy a house that already has a basement.

However, if the house doesn’t have a basement then people tend to decide on building a basement. If you are reading this you are probably here for the same reason. Then we have got good news for you as there is no reason to curse yourself for not making this decision before. In this article, we will provide you with your future basement plan which will give you the impression of why it is never too late to do work on your desires.

1. No DIY Involved

The primary step that you must take towards the construction process is to hire a contractor. It is always better to take the opinion of the professionals for things that hold significant value. The basement which is to be constructed below an already built house needs a higher skill set of the contractors as a regular kind of contractor may not be able to perform the job due to its complex nature. From the digging and laying foundation to concrete polishing every step must be completed under the supervision of the professionals. You must prepare a checklist of items that must be completed.

2. Waterproofing Is Necessary

The basement after construction must be safeguarded from any damages. For that, waterproofing the walls of the basement is a necessity. Consequently, a safe and protective wrap on the exterior side of the walls and below the floor is essential and a must-have. Waterproofing must be done in combination with the walls as well as the base layer. The best way to waterproof the basement is to go for a waterproof wrap.

3. Fix The Drainage System

Whenever you think of adding another story to the house. No matter if it is above the house or below the house, make sure that you focus on foundation repair as it is something on which the whole structure stands. Usually, the foundations get damaged due to bad water drainage systems. So the water drainage must be the priority task. Proper drainage will make certain of protection against damages, leakages, and flooding.

4. Allow Natural Light

The development of a basement under an already-built house is a tough process. The resident must need a flow of natural light in every corner of the basement particularly in every room. For that you can place glass doors in the basement which open towards the stairs which go towards the first story. This way you can open the way of natural light to the basement and also allow the ventilation process which is too necessary in a basement. For the basement, skylights are also a good option to allow natural light into the house. With this, you can also allow the fresh air to come inside.