Top 5 Omega 3 Sources You Haven’t Heard Of!


Omega 3 fatty acids are well-known for their incredible health benefits, particularly for heart and brain health. While many are familiar with common sources like salmon and flaxseeds, there are several under-the-radar Omega 3 sources that deserve attention. In this article, we’ll unveil the top 5 Omega 3 sources you probably haven’t heard of.

The Unusual Suspects

These five sources of Omega 3 are not just nutritious but also offer a variety in flavor and usage, making them exciting additions to any diet.

Why Diversify Your Omega 3 Sources?

Diversifying your Omega 3 sources ensures a broader range of other nutrients and can cater to different dietary preferences or restrictions.

Omega 3 Source #1: Name and Benefits

Chia Seeds: Beyond being a superfood, chia seeds are a fantastic plant-based source of Omega 3. They’re not only rich in ALA but also high in fiber and protein, making them perfect for a health-boosting breakfast.

Omega 3 Source #2: Name and Benefits

Hemp Seeds: Often overshadowed, hemp seeds are another plant-based source rich in Omega 3. They also contain a good balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, essential for heart health and reducing inflammation.

Omega 3 Source #3: Name and Benefits

Algal Oil: Derived from algae, this is a vegan source of EPA and DHA, typically found in fish oil. It’s an excellent option for those following a plant-based diet.

Omega 3 Source #4: Name and Benefits

Walnuts: While known for being a brain food, walnuts are also a rich source of ALA. They’re great for snacking or adding a nutty flavor to salads and baked goods.

Omega 3 Source #5: Name and Benefits

Perilla Oil: Popular in Korean cuisine, perilla oil is high in ALA and offers a unique flavor to dishes. It’s used in dressings, marinades, and as a finishing oil.

How to Incorporate These Sources into Your Daily Routine

Incorporating these Omega 3 sources is easy. Sprinkle chia or hemp seeds on your yogurt, use walnut oil in your salad dressings, or experiment with perilla oil in Asian-inspired dishes.


Exploring these top 5 lesser-known Omega 3 sources can not only enhance your diet with essential fatty acids but also introduce you to new flavors and textures. Give them a try and experience the diverse world of Omega 3!