BBQs2u is Ready with Spring Sale on Masterbuilt Gravity 800

In the UK, people are starting to panic as the Spring season approaches. They must prepare for the prestigious summer months that are quickly approaching. With a plethora of Spring special sales appearing, large stores are giving consumers a head start.

Whether it’s feasts, the soon-to-be-viral furniture set, or an egg chair to sip your morning tea, there are so many discounts available right now if you have a good look online.

To assist everyone in saving money when shopping during the peak of the month, BBQs2u has all its Spring sales available.

A grill is a necessary element for a delightful summer full of outdoor entertaining if you’re beginning to consider how to prepare your outside space.

Considering this, BBQs2u is doing well with its outdoor cooking selection, which includes everything you need to ensure successful social evenings.

The retailer has launched a special Spring pack on its Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 along with a 4% discount on every pack.

About Masterbuilt Gravity 800

The Masterbuilt Gravity Series has completely revolutionised the market for outdoor cooking. It is the first widely accessible grill, griddle, and smoking option-equipped gravity-fed charcoal cooking equipment.

They first launched their 560 model in 2020, and within 8 months customers laid their hands on the 800 model.

When ordered from BBQs2u, the delivery arrives within a week, packaged in robust multiple boxes.

The entire grill is dismantled and requires assembling it. You can read the instructions and assemble the whole Masterbuilt Gravity 800 within 2 hours.


  • The first device limits the temperature to 500°F/260°C when the lid is opened. This means that the maximum temperature your grill or griddle will reach when the top is open is 500°F.
  • To prevent the chimney effect, hopper switches are located on the ash door and the top of the charcoal hopper.
  • Without these switches, a fan pumping hot air into a charcoal chimney can easily ignite the entire column of charcoal.
  • When it comes to cooking at high heat, the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 Series is quite the beast.
  • If you’ve ever used a charcoal barbecue, you are aware of how hot the coals can become but this grill has a fan that stirs the coals to make them scalding hot.
  • On the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800, the grates are reversible, with one side designated for smoke and the other for searing. Wide grill supports are present on the grilling (sear) side to ensure adequate coverage.
  • Cold-rolled steel makes up the griddle’s surface, which is extremely heavy. It’s designed to fit the 800 series, and when you’re cooking on it, it locks into place and feels extremely safe.
  • There is a drain in the front left of the griddle top to remove water during cleaning or other waste that doesn’t need to stay with during cooking.
  • The griddle has a handle that makes it easy to move and pick up without attempting to hold onto the cooking surface.
  • You may preheat the grill to 700 degrees, open the cover once it reaches that temperature, and sear burgers and steaks to perfection.

The Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 800 is a masterpiece that is available at a 4% discount at BBQs2u.

The retailer is also selling the grill with its suitable accessories in different price ranges under the Spring season pack sale.

Whether you grab the Starter pack, Rotisserie Pack, Rotisserie pack, or Pitmaster pack. All Pack bundles have great products in them.